Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let me Introduce myself - Cookie Monsta the Macho Schnauzer

Hi, I am Cookie, a Macho Miniature Schnauzer (MMS). Maybe you would like to address me as Cookie the Handsome boy or Handsome, I response to both.

My *owners LOVE to complain. I don't really comprehend with their hobby - Complaining.
They will complain about my behavior most of the time. I can't see I have any behavior problem or even bad habit. I am Cookie, the Macho dog.

Sometimes, they will *torture me for no reason.


*torture: At least to me, It was a torture! I am the Macho Dog, it is shameful to follow their Instruction & Command.

You see, they punish me, Again!
They instructed me to Sit-Stay on the coffee table for half an hour due to the missing Porkie Bone & some Bone residue stick on my muzzle & also the Porkie smell on my nose.
I have no idea why they call it "Steal Food". I did not steal, my owners left the food there, when I Sniff-Sniff, they did not say NO, so I take it as the Permission-to-Dig. Furthermore, they left it in the bin. they are not going to eat it again. So, why waste the Delicious Yummy Porkie-Bone. Me love it.

*owners: My none-biological parents. They claimed themselves as Mmy-Mmy & Ddy-Ddy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pepper the Sweet Schnauzer

Dog's Name: Pepper Bebe
Gender: Female (Spayed)
DOB: Unknown. Assumed 30th April 2007
Color: Light Salt & Pepper

We are looking for a playmate for Cookie after he reached his youth. We are looking high & low for new born female puppy but to no avail. We believe "Love at first Sight" and the "Connection", we are looking for puppy we can "Click" with.

I found her on Immediately I knew I have found the one I have been looking so far. She has got undocked tail!!
We brought her home on the same day. Even since the day we brought her home, she became our family member, she will be with us FOREVER.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cookie Monsta 我的宠物

My Pet, Cookie Monsta.
Gender: Healthy Male
D.O.B. : 30th April 2007
Color: Salt & Pepper (dark color)

Cookie came into my life for a reason. Instead of saying Cookie is my pet, I should say Cookie is *our's pet. He was the "catalyst" element in our relationship. Thank you Cookie.

Cookie is my first dog. He should be named as Cookie the Spoiled Dog as I have always pampered him like the Prince in the house. He has got his own "Giant" mind trap inside his miniature body.
He always think that he is the Alpha in his pack (obviously I have been categorized in his pack).
He jumped on my bed, peed on my duvet! to announce to me that all belongs to him. I ignored his "Announcement". Again, he did the same thing but this time he peed on the mattress (after I fall asleep). OMG~! I woke up to a dog pee beside me. What a dog is Cookie~!

P/S: Don't be cheated by his innocent look.

*Note: Me and my future life partner. In short, the owners of the Spoiled Dog.

我的宠物 Cookie Monsta。

出生日期:2007 年4月30日
颜色:Salt & Pepper (深灰)

它其实并不是我第一个宠物。 我养过其他种类的宠物。有从乡下大姨家领养的白色小鸡,海边捕捉的小螃蟹,各类鱼,有打架鱼,老虎鱼,最爱的是血红色孔雀鱼, 还有Hamster。

拥有Cookie是缘分,也是一个开始。我喜欢狗, 但从没想过要拥有。 他喜欢狗,他喜欢迷你雪纳瑞。 说它虽然是迷你型,但很好运动。