Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Balik Kampung

We are now all ready to go back to The-Lady-Owner's Mum's Hometown.
We are rushing, The-Lady-Owner said we have to go now....

We will blog again when we come back to our home....


Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all who read our blog (Pepper Be & Me).
We know our greeting is kind of late, but better late than never :)

We would like to wish every pawsfriend a Good new year ahead,
Good health
More Walkie-Walkie
More Jungle Trekking
More Drumstick
More Milk-ball
No bath bath
No rolled-up Newspaper
No Nail Clipping
No Coat Shaving

The list getting long, I can't finish bark it out.
Anyway, wishing all of you, you owners as well..
Dream come true!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jessie & Dino visit on the last day of 2008 Part 3

more video

Jessie & Dino visit on the last day of 2008 Part 2

As promised, this is the video!

The-Lady-Owner said I am the fattest one but I think I am the strongest one and handsome of coz!

Show time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jessie & Dino visit on the last day of 2008 Part 1

Jessie and Dino visited Cookie and Pepper on the last day of 2008, 31st December 2008.

I have heard of Jessie's name several times from Mmy Mmy, I have saw her pictures too when we exchanged photo. She look cute in her picture. I was glad I get to see her in person. She look pretty and she smell good!

Me too! I was happy friends visited us but I was abit worried that they might steal all Mmy Mmy 's attention & love. Mmy Mmy seem to be fond of Jessie. I just am reluctant to share Mmy Mmy with them.

Haha, who cares! I know Mmy Mmy's attention is always on me! She loves me more than she loves anyone else.

Dino is cute too. Look at his smooth & silky coat. I wish my coat would be smooth & silky one day.

Let see some picture.

This is Jessie, Playing with Cookie's toy, the squeky one.

This is Dino, a lovely pekingese mix shih Tzu. He is a little too energitic especially when he chased after Jessie trying to hump on her. Haha...To my surprice, Dino is only 8 month old.

Jessie brought the toy in her mouth, dropped it infront of Cookie and lied down with him. huhuhu....I think she like that naughty Cookie. By the way, are you able to recognise who is Cookie who is Jessie. I bet u not, they just look so alike.

Okay, this is me.
I couldn't be bothered more. I was watching them but did not want to join their childish play. I just spent my time resting on comfy sofa.

Wasn't it fun playing with Jessie & Dino!
Anyway, I will post up some video later...Stay tune!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Counting down the day too......

I have been counting down the day too......
Without Mmy Mmy keeping an eye on Cookie the naughty, I have been bullied by him ever since we arrived at Grandpa Grandma's house.
He constantly stealing my food during breakfast and I ended up being penned up by Grandpa every breakfast. Still Cookie the Naughty keep a close watch at me outside the playpen while I am eating.

Not only he bully me, he is kind of a jealous dog. He did whatever he can to stop me from pleasing or greeting Granpa. He bitten me, barked at me, pushed me away from Granpa........
I am sicked and tired of all these. I have been counting down the day when Mmy Mmy return to safe me from Cookie's bully, since the first day arrived here.

2 more days...

Counting down the day...

My owner, Mmy Mmy had sent us (Pepper & me) back to her hometown after Christmas last year. We have been staying with Mmy Mmy's parents since then. Mmy Mmy is coming back this coming Saturday to celebrate Chinese New Year with her parents. I am looking forward to hug Mmy Mmy again. I know she definitely miss me. I miss her too! I miss sleeping on her bed, I miss evening stroking with her, I miss Saturday jungle trekking......

I am having lots of fun staying here with Mmy Mmy's Parents who I now call Grandma & Grandpa. I get to sleep on Grandpa's bed every morning when Grandma went to morning jogging, Hihihihi!!! You know, Human's bed is so much comfortable compare to Sofas.

Grandpa is complaining that I look fatter then before. Erm....maybe is due to lack of exercise, lack of evening stroking.... My body is getting heavier. However, I dont care about my weight as much as Mmy Mmy care about hers. I know I wont look any less handsome by putting up tiny weight. :)

I am counting down the day Mmy Mmy coming back. She is coming back on Saturday, 2 more days to go..........

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Bad Dog's Diary

Mmy Mmy is currently reading this book. Looks interesting! It is actually Blake's Diary! He describe his day-to-day life in the diary
Hope Mmy Mmy will learn more about us dog through Blake's story!
Blake~! thank you for letting Human know more about us our thinking through you Diary.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Whenever I hear:
"Cookie, come~~!!! BATH BATHHHHHHH~~!!!!.......GOOD BOY COME!!"
I will have to run & hide for my life!

This is the N-time I told them (My none biological parents), I DON'T LIKE, I DON'T WANT TO TAKE BATH.

I HATE BATH BATH! They locked me inside the toilet, soaked me with Shampoo, applied oil on me, blow me with hotair and brushed me!

They said I look HAMSOME after bath bath. Is it true?
What do you think?

NAY~! This is their Tactic to lure me into the bathroom! I won't believe their sweet-talk. I believe only to myself, I know I am the forever handsome dog even NO bath bath!