Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blood in Stool

When you forgot to deworm me in every 4 month, this was what came out from my "behind".

The lesson : Please remember to deworm Pepper & me at least every 4 month.

Valentine Flower

Valentine had past, for about 2 weeks. For us dog, we don't celebrate Valentine. However, Human did. The-Lady-Owner got her Valentine Flower on that day.

This is - ROSE .
She received only one bud of Rose. One bud of Rose is enough to buy her heart for 365 days. I love her, because she allow me to sleep on her bed, for almost everynight.** For that reason, I wanted to show her my LOVE as well. Since I have no access to Human Florist, what I can do is to take what we have at home. I found her Valentine Rose on the dining table.

I tore it into pieces and nicely arranged it on the floor to create flower carpet.
Romantic Flower.....Floor. Too bad she got only one (1) bud of Rose or else I can make a Rose Carpet.
I waited for her to come home and be surprised.
When she finally back home, she was indeed very surprised. I was waiting excitedly for her to praise me.... abundantly with lotsa treats and MilkBall.

UNFORTUNATELY, she is not the Romantic type. She don't appreciate AT ALL.
A Slab on my butt was my reward. WooFffffff!

** You might want to ask what I did to make her allow me on bed. Simple! I leave my pee mark on her bed whenever she throw me down the floor.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I always know...

The-Lady-Owner has to say:

You think I don't know...


Your favourite part of the sofa...
is at the L-shape corner which you stained it with your saliva.

You enjoy sleeping on my bed...
since young...

I did not try hard to stop you...
because I am happy to see you when I open my eyes, everyday.

You are afraid of hot weather...
you rest "on" the coffee table.

When you pouting, you don't let me use my pc...
You ignore me.

You are cute, you are adorable, you are smart, you are stubborn, you are naughty...
That is you.
That is why I LOVE you.
You are my Cookie Monsta!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I did it again!!

(Britney Spear song in the background "~~ Oops! I did it again~~")

I told you I am going to do it again and I did it last night.
I SLEPT on The-Lady-Owner's comfy bed.

At exactly 5:55am, when The-Lady-Owner open her eyes, she found a furry-ball slept beside her. That was me!! Cookie the Monsta.

I am the sleeping handsome dog. I imitate how The-Lady-Owner sleep - Head on the pillow and cover with duvet.

Ooohhh~! I am cold, who pull away my warm duvet??!!!!

p/s: this picture was taken a second before The-Lady-Owner throw me down the bed.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elve, our new friend

Please meet our new friend, Elve. Her owner (so happen to be The-Lady-Owner's Auntie) named her Elve, pronounce as "L-V" not "elf". We think her name is COOL because her name is a super brand's name - Louis Vuitton (LV).

She is a Labrador mix. Her mother is Labrador but no way to trace who is her father. The-Lady-Owner thinks Elve's father might be a Shar Pei or maybe a Shar Pei mix because Elve has got wrinkles on her forehead, and she looks old. Take a close look at her.

She is actually 2 month old but she is big. We guess she might have bigger body structure and huge bone than both of us when she grows up. She will definitely grow into the size of those Giant we saw at the training place. :p

We met her during Chinese New Year in The-Lady-Owner's uncle's house. But we weren't allowed to play with her because The-Lady-Owner found fleas on her body. Oh~! Poor puppy Elve. Hope she get rid of those blood sucking fleas as soon as possible.

Hope to see Elve again in the near future. Hope when we next meet, you won't have Mr. Fleas on your body :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comfy Pillow and A Good Sleep

I love sleeping on The-Lady-Owner's bed especially the soft soft comfy pillow.
The picture speaks for itself. I was deep in my sweet dream when The-Lady-Owner woke up in the middle of the night and took out her lousy LG phone to snap this picture of me snoring beside her. I was indeed very deep in my sleep, the flash light did not even do me any disturb.

Tonight I am going to sleep on that soft soft comfy pillow again. I should wait till The-Lady-Owner fall asleep and hide her Lousy LG phone so she won't be able to snap my snoring picture.

Sweet Dream everyone and Good Night.

p/s: She threw me down on the icy cold floor out of her comfy bed after snapped these 2 pictures. How cruel she was.

Cookie is sick - K9 cough...continued

The-Lady-Owner has to say...

Before I shut down my computer and leave the office, I chatted with my friend, an independent pet rescuer cum pet lover. I asked her the direction to her recommended vet. I told her about Cookie sick also. Apparently, there is a K9 cough outbreak recently. Cookie is just one of the poor victim of this virus. sob sob :(
She advised me to give Vitamin C + Honey water to Cookie instead of bringing him to vet and cost another expensive bill. I heeded to her advice.

When I reached home around 5:45pm, Cookie and Pepper as their usual, ran out to greet me.

Cookie:"Woof Woof Woof Woof (Welcome home! I miss you.)"

Pepper:"Woo Woof Woo Woof Woo Woof (Welcome home my beautiful master!)"

To my surprised, Cookie seem to recover from the cough. I did not hear a sound of cough from him. However, prevention must be taken. I fed them Vitamin C blended with honey, orange and apple. I really hope this remedy can really work on Cookie.

Cookie is sick - K9 cough

The-Lady-Owner has to say...

Cookie is sick again. He has been coughing since last Saturday night.

I wonder if pampered dog always sick. I wonder if I have over pampered him. I gave him the best quality food (raw) to eat, the most comfortable place to sleep, the best & expensive shampoo (Paul Michael) to clean and my full attention.

Yet, he always get sick.
The last time he sick he puked out his stomach content and continued to puke yellowish bile. This time he cough out white color bile and coughing.

I search in the internet what was wrong with Cookie. With the coughing symptoms, Cookie has caught K9 cough or Kennel cough. It is a type of sickness which can be contagious. The dog who recently get contact with an infected dog will pick up the virus as the virus is airborne. I guess Cookie has picked up the virus from the last Jungle Trekking.

Usually the infected dog will recover in 7 to 12 days by himself without any treatment. However, sometimes it might be caused by other reason. Therefore, I think I should bring Cookie to the vet later after work. Am deciding which vet to bring him to, should I go to the vet he always been or to the vet recommended by an experience dog lover?