Sunday, October 11, 2009


We have not update our blog for ages. It seem like we have to abandon our blog because our Owners have abandoned us for their WORKS.

Cookie:" Mum hardly have time for us. (Pouting) and she only feed us one meal a day. I am forever hungry. The worst is, she don't walk me AT ALL."

Jessie:" Look at me, I am still skinny and haven't eaten anything since 30 minutes ago. Mum Mum hardly have time to play with me. Look at me, poor me and I can only play with my burger toy."

Pepper:" erm... Shut up you two, I am trying to sleep!"

Cookie & Jessie:" We are now up for adoption! We are ready to go to good home at anytime. Please come rescue us! Btw, good home = dog food available 24/7!"

Pepper:" Well, please ignore them, they are just 2 little-fatty-greedy-never satisfied spoil brat (doggie)."

Mum-Mum:" 3 of you have eat a hole in my pocket and stop complaining. I have got to work to bring back your "drumstick". Now shut up and go to sleep!"

p/s: to all reader, Cookie & Jessie are not up for adoption. They are just kidding. We, the owners love them till death. We are just tied up with work and have no time to update the blog. We promised them we will try to update at least once a week. Thanks for visiting.

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Santa and Minnie said...

Definitely nice to see some updates. We have been wondering what you have been up too. Looks like it's those humans who are always busy and they always said that's because of us!