Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When I was a boy...(to the tune of Beyonce-If I were a boy)

Hi everyone, two years ago, daddy fell in love with me and convinced mummy to bring me home. Now who wouldn't fall in love with me, I was such a cute puppy, just look at the pictures below, hehe. I stayed at daddy's apartment at the beginning, and after a few months when I was bigger, I moved to mummy's place where there's more room for me to run around and I get to pee and poo on the grass instead of the cold hard floor, hehe.
Ohhhh I was sooooo cute....
Here's Uncle Nick giving my hair a blow dry.

I feel like a super flying dog here, hehe

Here's Aunty Hui Ling helping me fly.....weeeeee

Weeee...up up and away.....

I used to be so small, daddy could carry me with 1 hand, now daddy say I'm so heavy to carry but I still love to be carried around. I make daddy and mummy carry me up to bed every night! hehe and I make them tuck me into bed every night.

Me and my sleepy face...hehe bye bye, good night...

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Nellie and Calvert (The Giant) said...

Cute, cute and cutest! You are adorable now and as a puppy.

Our mommy's been complaining about Calvert's growth spurts too, he's big but not heavy like me (ahem).

Looks like you have tons of people that love you; you're a very lucky boy!

Nellie & Calvert